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1. Affordable Energy

Solar Power is one of the most competitive sources of electrical generation. The technology has dramatically fallen in price unlike other energy generation. Additionally, energy captured at the same point of consumption reduces the costs of transmission and can directly supply to your business.

WINAICO Solar Panels gives you the opportunity to capture savings on your electricity bill by generating power behind the meter. Not only will you will have less consumption from the grid, you will supply yourself with cheaper green energy from a WINAICO Solar System.

2. Protect against future price increases

As a Commercial business you are entirely dependent on the Power Grid to provide all your electricity needs. You are therefore exposed to any price decisions that could increase your electricity bill.

By Installing a WINAICO Solar System, you can source a significant part of your commercial electrical needs without the power network. You can become more independent and protect yourself from future electricity price risks.


Every business is different and will need a specific solution to address their generation concerns. WINAICO Products is well equipped to tailor a solar system that works for you.

WINAICO and our trusted partners are experienced with personalising our options to suit your company. We will help you get the most out of our system and lower your power bill.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility

The transition to clean energy is a global effort by both individuals and businesses. An investment into solar is a decision that will make you more competitive and help the development of clean energy around the world.

Together we can lower your electricity bill and the global temperature.