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Thank you for choosing WINAICO for your solar system.

This registration is to confirm your 25-years manufacturer’s warranty, valid for:

  • WSP-MX, 330W and up
  • WSP-MX Full Black, 325W and up
  • WST-M6, 325W and up
  • WST-M6 Full Black, 325W and up
  • WST-MG, 333W and up
  • WSP-MG, 333W and up
  • WST-MG Full Black, 333W and up
  • WSP-MG Full Black, 333W and up
  • WST-MGL, 333W and up
  • WSP-MGL, 333W and up
  • WST-MGL Full Black, 333W and up
  • WST-MG-U, 370W and up
  • WSP-MG-U, 370W and up

Which have been purchased from WINAICO after 1 July 2020. Please check our terms and conditions for warranty coverage detail relevant to your country.

Please keep an original proof of purchase, system documentation and warranty extension certificate (which you will receive after finishing your online registration). WINAICO will retain customer registration data in case of future warrant matters.


System Owner Information

Installation Site Information

Purchase Detail

Extended Warranty online registration is valid for up to 1 Year from the original purchase date. Extended Warranty is available for the WINAICO Modules that are purchased after the 1st of July 2020.
A serial number is required to verify that your system uses authentic WINAICO panels. Serial numbers are permanently displayed under the glass in the top center or right-hand corner of the panel, on the right side of the frame and on the rear label.
The number of panels that are registered must be the same as the purchase invoice.

Documentation Checklist

System design details are required to verify some warranty claims. It is the customer’s responsibility to retain system documents. Documentation to be retained by the system owner includes:

Please make sure you have all the documents and keep all of them in a safe place (do not upload them to complete the registration).


In order to process the claim in the future, the Original purchase invoice, Flash list with all the serial numbers and Electrical design and drawing of photovoltaic system must be required. If any of those documents are not available, please contact your installer.

Please provide the installation images as a reference and limit the size of image to under 5 MB before uploading. Upload format of images is available in PNG, JPG.

Please note:

The fields marked with * are mandatory. All information is treated in the context of the data protection guidelines.

Consent to the data protection declaration: *

By submitting the data stored in the form above, you confirm that you consent to the processing of your data as part of the guarantee registration. The data you transmit will be used by us in the sense of the GDPR only for the stated purposes and will be deleted after the processing has ended. For the rest, we refer to our Data Protection Policy.

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