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Quality of the individual cells in the finished high-performance panel

At WINAICO our goal is to provide you with a PV system that combine excellent quality products with great value for money.

It is important to compare multiple option for your solar system. The price and quality of a components, as well as the services from your installer and manufacturers, can differ widely.

The cheapest offer is often not the best. Instead of price, focus on value. A PV system is a 20+ year investment. Saving a small amount of money upfront is insignificant compared to the revenue from a lifetime of good performance.

A good manufacturer and installer should be able to provide you with all relevant panel documentation, including panel datasheets, certifications and warranties. Ask your installer how they choose which products to sell, and why the panels they install are the best option.

From the beginning, WINAICO supports you on your way to your photovoltaic system. Just use our contact form and we do the rest for you. One of our specialist partners will contact you and make an appointment on site with you.

Some key points to consider when purchasing a PV system:

  • Avoid quotes that do not specify a panel or inverter brand (e.g. ”Using Tier 1 panels”)
  • Ask for a reference systems in your region, and expected yield data for your systems
  • Ask for a calculation on the value of your electricity. Be wary if it’s too good to be true
  • Ask what your installer will do if something goes wrong in 5 years
  • Know what components you’re buying:

    • Does the manufacturer have an office in your country?
    • Do they have a local warehouse?
    • Can you contact the manufacturer for service or warranty?

  • Do independent research on your installation company