WINAICO Continues to Excel in Taiwan Voluntary Product Certification


WINAICO is proud to continue its position as a leader in the Taiwanese solar industry through continuous product testing and development. The Voluntary Production Certification (VPC) tests are another demonstration of WINAICO’s emphasis on high quality solutions through rigorous quality standards.

WINAICO has been testing its Solar Products through the VPC Program for the past 3 years. The strenuous testing procedures are carried out by only a handful of testing laboratories in Taiwan. The process aims to simulate solar modules at their absolute limits to ensure a level of performance throughout the lifetime even in harsh environments.

The VPC Testing includes:

Visual and electrical inspection: Ensuring a quality build and no manufacturing faults.

Wet Current Leakage: Resistance to current leakage under high voltage while submerged in water.

Thermal Cycling: Repeated changes in temperature from -40°C to 85°C for 600 cycles.

Performance Attenuation: Elevated light and temperature, to test degradation resistance via accelerated ageing. Testing under 3 suns at 70°C and cycling for 7 hours on, 1 hour off for 12 days

Potential Induced Degradation (PID): Placed under high voltage, humidity, temperature for 96 hours.

Damp Heat: Analysing the electrical resistance to damp heat conditions by testing at 85oC and 85% relative humidity for 3000 hours.

Salt Mist: Testing the modules ability to withstand degradation due to salt in the air by simulating corrosion for up to 56 days.

WINAICO is proud to announce that all modules passed the demanding testing procedures under the Voluntary Product Certification. WINAICO panels significantly exceeded the industry standard passing mark on all examinations.

If you would like more information on the testing of WINAICO Panels, contact your regional office.