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Here you will find documents that you can download for informational purposes. Please note that you will need Acrobat Reader for some of these documents. The cost-free downloading of the current version can be found here.


WINAICO Quality Brochure
available download in


WINAICO WSP-MX Series Datasheet

All Information about WSP-MX series monocrystalline.

1.26 MB

Warranty Conditions

WINAICO Warranty and Guarantee Conditions (EN)

Effective from: 07/2020 The warranty and guarantee conditions for countries besides Europe, Australia, Japan and Taiwan.

White Paper

Maximising energy production potential with PERC technology

In-depth information of PERC technology and how it maximises the energy production of WINAICO's solar modules.

245 KB
Demystifying the formation of micro-cracks

Everything you need to understand on how micro-cracks are formed and WINAICO's efforts in preventing micro-cracks and improving module reliability

264 KB
Advanced mechanical loading tests for different solar applications

Summarising the differences in Mechanical Loading (ML), Inhomogeneous Mechanical Loading (IML) and Dynamic Mechanical Loading (DML) tests, and how they define the best solar module quality for all applications.

451 KB
WINAICO CSR Report 2016

Inside WINAICO's efforts in maintaining a sustainable and ethical corporate culture.

93 KB
WINAICO CSR Report 2018

Inside WINAICO's efforts in maintaining a sustainable and ethical corporate culture.

1.40 MB
WINAICO CSR Report 2019

WINAICO's commitment to a sustainable and ethical business practices

1.75 MB

Leaflets and information pamphlets

WINAICO installation manual (EN)

All details on how to install WINAICO photovoltaic modules.

1.22 MB
Online Registration for Warranty Extension

Quick Quide.

0.99 MB

Certificates Please note that all certificates were carried out by our parent company Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Hail Impact Test Report 813 KB
LeTID Compliance Certificate 1.79 MB
Salt Mist & Ammonia Certificate 3.26 MB
WST275P6 Reazione al fuoco classe 1 424 KB
WSP310M6 Reazione al fuoco classe 1 421 KB
CE Declaration of Conformity 33 KB
MCS-certification 2.75 MB
UL-certification 115 KB
DLG Test Report 432 KB
ISO 9001:2015 821 KB
ISO 14001:2015 283 KB
ISO 18001:2007 619 KB
TÜV SÜD IEC61215_61730_Poly series of modules 1.82 MB
TÜV SÜD IEC61215_61730_MONO series of modules 2.62 MB
Dynamic Mechanical Loading Test Report

for WSP-M6 series of the modules.

1.14 MB
Dynamic Mechanical Loading Test Report

for WST-P6 series of the modules.

2.17 MB
Mechanical Loading Test Report

for WSP-MX series of the modules.

1.10 MB
Mechanical Loading Test Report

for WST-M6 series of the modules.

1.13 MB
Carbon Footprint Certificate 1.07 MB

All information on potential induced degradation (PID).

2.59 MB
Fire Test UNI 9177 Class1 2.08 MB
Factory Inspection Certificate 1.70 MB