Make Your Solar Panels Last Longer With These Expert Tips

We discuss how long do solar panels last, what impacts power degradation and how to maintain the panels to keep them working throughout the lifespan.

ML and DML, Strength Training for Your Solar Panels

We share with you the differences between ML and DML mechanical loading tests and what measurements you should expect from WINAICO solar modules.

How to Use Damp Heat to Stress Test Solar Panels

Damp Heat (DH) is a great way to put a solar panel through a gruelling heat and humidity combination to understand if the panel can survive in tropical weather.

What Can Thermal Cycling Reveal About Solar Panel Quality

Thermal Cycling (TC) is the perfect way to put a solar panel through a wide temperature range to optimise product design, manufacturing and component selection.

9 Ways to Make Solar Panels More Reliable

We explore 9 ways that WINAICO uses extensive quality testing to eliminate common failures in product design and make solar panels more reliable.

How Solar Panels Are Made the WINAICO Way

We share the secrets behind making high performance and reliable solar panels the WINAICO way, so you can distinguish the best solar modules from the rest.

9 Tips for Choosing the Right Solar Panels for Your Rooftop

A solar installation is a large upfront investment, and choosing the right quality components can reduce the maintenance problems and set your installation up for success.

String Inverters, Power Optimizers and Microinverters

We show you the benefits and drawbacks of string inverters, power optimizers and microinverters so you can choose the best inverters for your solar needs.

What Types of Solar Panels Do You Need

We outline the key differences between the 3 common types of solar panels and help you choose the right solar technologies for your applications.

How Can Microcracks Damage Solar Panels

Learn about how microcracks damage solar panels and all the ways to prevent microcracks from degrading the energy production of your solar installation.

5 Key Metrics for Choosing the Best Solar Energy Storage

Do you want to add solar energy storage to your solar panels? Learn the most important metrics to help you choose the best solar battery system.

What Is Anti-PID

Learn about WINAICO's design philosophy for anti-PID solar module technologies. 

WINAICO Highlights at Energy Taiwan 2020

Highlights from WINAICO during Energy Taiwan 2020, including the Taiwan Excellent PV award, the latest GEMINI product series, high-density solar module technology.

What Is PID and How You Can Avoid It

PID or Potential Induced Degradation is a common solar panel defect. Learn the causes of PID and how WINAICO can help you avoid it for better energy production.

11 Common Solar Panel Defects and How to Avoid Them

Watch out for these common solar panel defects in your solar installations. Visit to learn how to avoid these defects in your solar investments.

What Is Tier 1 Solar Panel and Is It Important

We answer what tier 1 solar panel is. We'll show you a few tips on how to look beyond tier 1 solar modules for high-quality rooftop solar installations.

What is net metering and how it can work for you

Net metering is a mechanism where your power company measures the direction of electricity flow between your home and the electric grid.

12 fundamental pros and cons of solar energy

We outline the top pros and cons of solar energy to help you make more informed decisions about investing in renewable energy.


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