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The WST-MGL Full Black series, brings about the perfect combination of beautiful design and performance.

The 9 busbar, half cell design combines with reflective wires to reduce internal resistance and maximise efficiency.

The full black finish makes sure the solar installation performs as well as it looks.


Advantages at a glance

Full black appearance
The black backsheet and black frame complement the dark solar cells to give a cool, black finish that you will proudly install on your home.

Reliable long term investment
WINAICO solar panels are designed to last for a long time. They are backed by industry-leading 25-year product warranty to give you reliable and consistent returns.

Greater performance
GEMINI combines half cell, 9 busbars and reflective wires to maximise module efficiency and improve temperature coefficients.

Reliability tested to the limits
WINAICO modules are tested above and beyond international standards. We use lab experiments to simulate 25 years of service life, and push our modules to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Improved temperature performance
Half cell design lowers internal resistance of GEMINI modules and protects them from long term degradation.

Advanced solar cell technology
GEMINI uses high-efficiency solar cells designed to perform in any weather. The module efficiency remains high even in low light conditions.

Reliability tested beyond the standards

Reliability is at the core of WINAICO's product design philosophy, and we test our solar panels to the limits, above and beyond IEC standards to reach the top quality associated with the WINAICO brand.

We execute 3 times the IEC requirements in Thermal Cycling and Damp Heat to simulate the wear and tear of solar modules in the field to make sure our products can last more than 25 years.

Mechanical Loading tests are used to makes sure our modules can survive extreme stresses such as heavy snow and strong wind.

Hail Impact tests make sure the glass panel on the module can withstand hailstones and even stray golf balls.