WINAICO Wins Taiwan PV Excellence Award


Leading Taiwanese PV manufacturer WINAICO is honoured to receive the Taiwan PV Excellence Award for their class leading WSP-335MX module. This recognition from the Taiwan Bureau of Energy re-affirms WINAICO’s status as a producer of high quality, highly efficient and highly durable products, built to deliver long lasting performance.

To achieve this award WINAICO’s modules underwent rigorous testing according to IEC standards. These included Salt Mist resistance, Thermal Cycling, Damp-Heat conditions, Potential Induced Degradation (PID), Dynamic Mechanical Loading, as well as combined testing. The Taiwan Excellent PV program aims to increase standards in the Solar industry by consistently tightening the passing criteria for this award.

The award winning WSP-335MX combines high efficiency with robust and ingenious design. The MX series is made with high-efficiency PERC cell, increasing the module’s efficiency up to 19.4%. WINAICO’s external frame corners now including a drainage channel, to prevent water and dust accumulation. Designed for the full range of rooftop solar applications, from residential to commercial and industrial markets, you can trust the WSP-335MX.

WINAICO Chairman Davis Chen stated “The Taiwan PV Excellence Award is highly recognized within the industry in Taiwan. The aim of this award to celebrate the quality of Taiwanese solar products and increase the global brand awareness. We are very proud to be recognized as the best module manufacturer in Taiwan”.