WINAICO launches 20.62% efficiency GEMINI solar modules for the Australian residential market

The brand new GEMINI Range will introduce two high-efficiency solar modules designed for rooftop installations, and will be available for Australian customers starting February 2021.

Sydney, Australia, January 26, 2021 – WINAICO, a leader in high-efficiency solar modules, launches the GEMINI module series for the Australian market, with module efficiency reaching 20.62%.

The brand new GEMINI Range will introduce two modules that will be available for customers starting February 2021. The first is the WST-375MG, our most powerful module to date. The cell technology increases the power from our current WST range by over 13%, giving our customers 375 Watts of power per module. The market-leading efficiency of 20.62% combined with the accessible WST Range make WST-375MG ideal for most commercial applications.

The WSP-333MG is an installer focused addition to the GEMINI Range. The integration of higher efficiency cells in a compact design is the ideal solution when performance is crucial. The 20.27% module efficiency module utilises the toughened frame and WINACO’s Patented Drainage Corners to combine performance with reliability. The choice of 333 Watt module is optimised for small roofs, ideal for a 6.66 kW system size on residential installations.

”WINAICO is extremely excited to announce the arrival of these modules into the ASIA Pacific region. The new GEMINI Series is going to be an absolute gamechanger for our partners by boosting the power of both WSP and WST Ranges,” says Blair Pester, WINAICO Asia Pacific Manager. “GEMINI series aims to address the needs of the modern solar industry with power, quality and longevity.”

About WINAICO Australia

WINAICO became the first manufacturer in Australia to extend the product warranty of all our products to 15 years in 2017. This created a market-wide shift raising the expectations from all other manufacturers and exposed companies that were unable to replicate the guarantee. We are now proud to hold a 25-year product warranty on all WINAICO products sold from mid-2020.

Including the 25-year performance guarantee, only WINAICO provides 3 complimentary protection policies. No other manufacturer offers this comprehensive level of protection on solar modules, including the new GEMINI Series, in Australia.

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