WINAICO delivers modules for the largest PERC roof system in Germany

1,784 modules of type WSP-280M6 on over 7,000 m² of hall roof area supply power to machinery construction operation

In the first quarter of this year B&Q Dachbau GmbH, Hamburg-based specialist partner to WINAICO, had already completed the installation of the 500 kWp large PERC system over 5 hall roofs encompassing more than 7,000 m². To ensure optimum load distribution and space utilisation, the entire system was constructed with an east/west flat roof solution with a gradient of 10 degrees.

With a projected annual yield of 420,000 kilowatt hours, the system delivers 33.33 % of the electricity required by the machinery construction operation. For many companies the mains supply costs already - or soon will - lie above the costs of power generation with the aid of photovoltaic systems: Through the use of self-generated solar power it is therefore possible to significantly reduce the cost of electricity. Depending on the industry, commercial operations can even generate up to 100 % of their own power consumption. This applies in particular to operations that require electricity around the clock, seven days a week.

"We are delighted that B&Q Dachbau selected our modules for this special project. The system demonstrates that our PERC modules are not only relevant in the small system segment, but also with commercial properties with high power consumption and an associated requirement for powerful modules" says Marc Ortmanns, head of sales & marketing in Europe.

Ralf Mann, general manager of B&Q Dachbau GmbH, is clearly also highly satisfied with the project. He explains "commercial own consumption solutions are our core projects. We consequently require products that deliver high quality and performance, and a dependable partner. We have therefore been working closely with WINAICO for years."

WINAICO – Manufacturer and system supplier 

As a global PV brand based in Taiwan, WINAICO manufactures and distributes crystalline high performance modules worldwide. Furthermore, as a systems house for photovoltaic, WINAICO delivers complete PV system packages.

Target customers include solar specialists, solar technologists, installation specialists and project developers. Installation specialists profit here from the superior product quality of products manufactured in Taiwan in accordance with the highest quality standards, as well as from the comprehensive consultation, planning and maintenance services from WINAICO. Generous stock levels ensure the rapid availability of WINAICO products.

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