Lasting high performance is created when highly efficient solar cells and the best module technology come together. What is true here too is that the overall quality of each product is only as good as its weakest element. This is why WINAICO insists solely on first class, weather- resistant components from certified suppliers. This makes it especially possible to produce durable modules with long-lasting performance.

WINAICO triumphs in Desert Knowledge testing facility

WINAICO’s modules have proven their superiority even in extremely hot and dry conditions with strong variations in day and night temperatures in Australia. Sitting in the harsh conditions of the Australian outback, the Solar Centre in Alice Springs is an independent demonstration facility that compares the solar panel performance of leading manufacturers with real-time results. WINAICO's crystalline silicone modules achieved a higher normalized daily output than the products of other prominent brands and international market leaders, meaning that WINAICO modules produce a higher yield for better value.

For more information visit the website of  The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC)

PTC Test

The Go Solar campaign established an industry standard with the creation of the PTC rating program and has become universally recognized for providing a more real world measurement of solar panel performance. In the PTC rating, WINAICO achieves a top position among more than 14,000 modules – ahead of leading brands and suppliers from around the world. The PTC rating (Photovoltaic Utility Scale Application Testing Conditions) was initiated by the California Energy Commission and evaluates real performance in practice. A higher rating means you get more electricity produced per installed watt – and thus a faster return on investment.

The list of all eligible modules can be found here

Taiwan Excellent PV Award

Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy has awarded WINAICO’s modules several times the Taiwan Excellent PV Award as the best PV module in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency. The award was for reliability tests, which Taiwan’s leading test institute ITRI carried out based on NREL’s Qualification Plus and the new IEC 62782 initiative – all which confirm WINAICO’s promised performance.


Top PV Brand Award

The Top PV Brand Seal is awarded to companies with outstanding brand management which includes recognition and recommendation of the brand in a highly competitive market. It is a seal issued by EuPD which is a European independent research and consulting firm that annually conducts thorough market research through thousands of surveys across Europe. WINAICO has been awarded the Top Brand PV Germany, Australia and Poland Seal already several times from the internationally recognized institute EuPD Research. Winning this seal approval confirms the WINAICO brand is in a leading position of European PV market and is recommended by local professional installers and retailers.