Record-breaking results for WINAICO at PV panel testing of Australian National University

Sydney/Creglingen, 10.07.2013 – Colin Dedman, Technical Officer in the Department of Atomic & Molecular Physical Laboratory at the Australian National University, has published his solar PV panel testing results in the July-September 2013 issue of Australian magazine ReNew. Mr. Dedman’s article highlights module energy yield scores in real world winter conditions versus the module nameplate power rating. The higher the yield score, the more the panel exceeds nameplate power rating.


WINAICO’s polycrystalline modules have not only ranked highest among tested competitors like Lightway, Trina and Panasonic, but have performed with record-breaking yield performance in winter conditions with a score of 108.8 %. These impressive results confirm that WINAICO’s high efficiency modules provide considerably higher power output than their nametag, or price tag, suggest.


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