PV module manufacturer WINAICO puts its solar panels to the test

Creglingen, 26.03.2013 – WINAICO, a subsidiary of Taiwan´s biggest photovoltaic module manufacturer Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd., has installed its polycrystalline solar panels amongst its competitors under the blazing Australian sun.

The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) is an independent demonstration facility funded by the Australian Federal Government for commercialised solar technologies operating in the arid conditions of Alice Springs, Central Australia. The Solar Centre provides the industry with long term system level data proving the reliability of solar generators. A standard and automated metering system has established the performance data which is collected at a resolution that confirms the reliability of solar technologies and logs power quality. The Solar Centre Website explains the differences in the installed solar technologies, while the Live System Information Page displays the real-time generation data for each of the different installations. 

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