DLG confirms ammonia resistance of WINAICO solar modules

Modules withstand the effects of barn air for at least 20 years

Creglingen, 29.08.2011 – The polycrystalline module series WINAICO WSP by the Taiwanese module manufacturer Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the FokusTest “Ammonia Resistance” of the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft e.V., or DLG) and has received the DLG quality seal for the WINAICO WSP-2xxP6.

Livestock farming can release emissions through smell, ammonia and dust particles. According to the DLG, more than 90 percent of ammonia emissions come from agriculture. These emissions can additionally accelerate the ageing of photovoltaic modules, which can lead to declining energy generation and thus to lower yields for the plant operator.

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