When according to standard means above standard

WINAICO Modul mit Tyco-Steckverbinder
When it comes to selecting its suppliers, WINAICO again focuses on quality

We have long been dissatisfied with simply maintaining the standard. We are therefore constantly optimising our quality management and our various processes. What does this mean for WINAICO? Take a look for yourself:


  • Regular evaluations and certification by TÜV Rhineland:
    Further to our own promise of quality, with the TÜV seal you also receive an officially affirmed guarantee of the highest technical standard of our products.
  • Every module is tested for its cell quality directly in our production facilities:
    An “x-ray image” provides 100% verification of the cell quality – on request we also provide this to you. We offer you a look at our production here.
  • Exceptional certification of products and production:
    Certification in accordance with IEC 61215, EN 61730 and IEC 61701 (salt spray test) directly through our parent company Win Win Precision Technology and DIN ISO 9001 and 14001 for our production.
  • With WINAICO modules you are opting for market leaders:
    When selecting our suppliers we place importance on quality, not on price. If you wish to know more about the quality of our products, please click here.
  • And finally, with the plant design co-determining success or failure, we also offer our partners the best possible support here:
    As a system vendor, we support our partners from the planning right through to selection of the system components. You can find a selection of our system components here.

WINAICO focuses on performance – from the first to the final handshake.

WINAICO bulletin PID

All information on potential induced degradation (PID).