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Fachhandwerker bei der Montage von WINAICO Laminaten
WINAICO panels are packaged standing on their long side in double-walled containers.

A generous and forward looking warehouse stock insures the quick availability of WINAICO products. No matter what you want or where: Europe or worldwide. We react immediately to your demands, assemble the desired products and deliver them reliably into your business. 

In addition, WINAICO already makes sure during packaging that you will be able to easily remove the goods from the cartons without transportation damage. WINAICO panels are packed standing on their long sides, 24 to a box. This kind of packaging helps you with the removal of the panels and at the same time, avoids micro-cracking; bumps and vibrations are also safely intercepted.

The double-walled cartons minimise transportation damages and thanks to the high wall strength, the packaging units are stackable.

WINAICO partnership

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