Diversity is key

Those who invest in photovoltaics are able to compare what is on offer more extensively than ever before, thanks to the help of the internet. The end-user has the freedom of being able to compare the prices of solar panels before deciding which installer to go with. They are confronted with a difficult choice: which installer do you choose when you can get the same performance panel for a similar price from almost every installer out there? As an installer, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest?

With WINAICO you are not one of the crowd

Forget online retailers, mass mailings and wholesalers, with WINAICO you receive a direct service. For almost ten years we have worked exclusively with our installation partners. This way we can ensure that product information, market changes and correct pricing ends up where they belong: with you. Thanks to our direct sales approach, and our very own sales force, we can provide a balanced customer presence in your area and prevent unnecessary duplications. Step out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from the competition by partnering with WINAICO. 

Good reasons to choose WINAICO
With WINAICO your offer will stand out from all the other installers and engage the interest of your customers. Choose quality without compromise and educate your customers about what we do: WINAICO offers its trade partners, in addition to a number of sales aids, a unique customer support base who are on hand to help you.

Bring the product to the customer
We believe that every customer should know what is on their roof. WINAICO equips their installation partners with presentation samples. You can show your customers a sample mini-module and highlight to them the aesthetic optics and the high-quality workmanship of the panel. Explain with the help of our first-class components and extensive product warranty, how the customer is protected against fire and reduced yield and always inform them of our complimentary ‘all-risks’ system insurance policy which is included with every purchase of our modules.  

Adapt your business and partner with WINAICO today.