WINAICO’s top products with up to 19,4 % efficiency


The WINAICO PERC modules set a new technological standard and are without competition. Using innovative backside passivation and selective emitter technology, the PERC module series combines highest efficiencies, increased performance at high temperatures and low light conditions along with the known longevity and quality of WINAICO.

The module WSP-M6 PERC with external dimensions of 1,705 x 1,028 x 35 mm has an astounding module efficiency of more than 19.4 %.

The combination of high efficiency, optimized weak-light behavior and an improved weight of only 20.6 kg make this module the ideal product for roofs with a limited space.

WINAICO's corner pieces guarantee the best possible transfer of tension across each section of the frame. The corner pieces are also designed with drainage channels, avoiding water and dust accumulation, which over time can cause cell shading, power degradation and hotspot problems.



Exceeds the IEC standard 3 times over
Because standards are there to be surpassed.

99% relative efficiency at weak-light
Because a 3% increase in yield is better than nothing.

Protection against the weather and
the elements

Because long term performance matters.

Water drainage design
Avoid water and dust accumulation to prevent power
degradation and hotspot problems.

25 year linear performance guarantee
15 year product warranty.

Warranty And Guarantee Conditions

WINAICO Limited Warranty for WINAICO Photovoltaic Products 03/2018