WINAICOs PERC-solution for commercial projects


With over 3 years of experience in PERC-technology WINAICO offers for the first time in the world a commercial module with built-in PERC technology to give you a higher efficiency output. Thanks to the backside passivation technology WINAICO-Poly-PERC panels reach an efficiency of up to 16.8%. The panel comes in the usual dimensions of 1.665 x 999 x 35 mm and a weight of 19 kg.

Exceeds the IEC standard 3 times over
Because standards are there to be surpassed.

99% relative efficiency at weak-light
Because a 3% increase in yield is better than nothing.

Protection against the weather and
the elements

Because long term performance matters.

Designed for fire safety
Because plant fires mean more than financial losses alone.

25 year linear performance guarantee
15 year product warranty.

Warranty And Guarantee Conditions

WINAICO Limited Warranty for WINAICO Photovoltaic Products 08/17