WINAICO receives 2015 Top Solar Panel Products award from Solar Power World


Solar Power World honours WINAICO’s WSP-310M6 PERC monocrystalline module with the 2015 Top Solar Panel Products award. The award recognises WINAICO’s 310W module as the highest power 60-cell monocrystalline PERC module in the world.

WINAICO, Taiwan’s largest PV module brand, receives the Top Solar Panel Products award from Solar Power World for 2015 for the WSP-310M6 PERC monocrystalline module. The 310W module is the highest power 60-cell monocrystalline PERC module in the world with module efficiency up to 18.6%.

The 2015 edition of the annual Top Solar Panel Products award honours innovation in the solar module industry, and includes products with more number of busbars, dual glass designs and higher efficiency.

“WINAICO is always pushing the boundaries of high efficiency solar panels, and the 310W PERC module in a 60-cell format is the culmination of WINAICO’s three year experience in the PERC technology.” said Jing Yu, Vice President of WINAICO USA. “The world’s highest efficiency PERC module is specially designed to maximize power output on limited roof spaces of the US Residential market.”

WINAICO – Manufacturer and system supplier

As a global PV brand based in Taiwan, WINAICO manufactures and distributes crystalline high performance modules worldwide. Furthermore, as a systems house for photovoltaic, WINAICO delivers complete PV system packages.

Target customers include solar specialists, solar technologists, installation specialists and project developers. Installation specialists profit here from the superior product quality of products manufactured in Taiwan in accordance with the highest quality standards, as well as from the comprehensive consultation, planning and maintenance services from WINAICO. Generous stock levels ensure the rapid availability of WINAICO products.

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