WINAICO photovoltaic system with PERC modules achieves considerable surplus compared to conventional system

970 kWp WINAICO solar modules installed on fish farm in Lamerdingen

Creglingen, 04.10.2017 – In Lamerdingen (Bavaria) the family business “Fischzucht Ruf” (fish farm Ruf) decided to install WINAICO solar modules on the roofing of its fish basins. In the three-monthly construction period, from October to December 2016, in total 3.530 modules WINAICO WST-275P6 PERC were installed together with inverters of the manufacturer Sungrow. The total size of the sytem is 970,75 kWp.


The fish farm breeds chars, brown trouts and rainbow trouts in the fish basins. To protect the basins against natural enemies as herons and cormorants, the company so far put up nets over the basins. This was linked with costs of approximately 50.000 € and had the disadvantage that the nets had to be repaired constantly and after 10 years had to be replaced.

“This photovoltaic system offers nothing but advantages for us! Since February 2017 the system is in operation. As we have directly next to that system another system with conventional solar modules, we can compare directly the performance of both PV systems and found that WINAICO’s PERC modules generate an additional yield of 5-6 %”, says Werner Ruf, Operator of “Fischzucht Ruf”.

“In addition to the economic aspects, another advantage is the shadowing; the fish basins are protected against UV light, which, in turn, protects against uncontrolled algae growth”, continues Ruf.

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