Pay attention to the quality when buying a PV system

With technology from WINAICO and a qualified specialist partner to your long-lasting photovoltaic system

WINAICO Produktionslinie einer Photozelle
Quality of the individual cells in the finished high-performance panel

Photovoltaic systems become cheaper and cheaper every year. Nevertheless it is important to compare diverse offers. There are considerable differences in prices and quality. Furthermore the durability and yield of different systems as well as the services of the manufacturers, for example in reference to the warranty, possibly differ very much.
The cheapest offer is not always the best offer.


Please bear in mind that the price of a solar system indeed is an important decision criterion, but not the only one. Looking at an operating time of at least 20 years, the quality of the components and the installation work is a very significant factor.


You should especially adhere to a good manufacturing quality of the offered photovoltaic modules. To get an idea of the offer, you should require the presentation of warranties and certificates as well as reference projects and real yield data of existing photovoltaic systems. Sometimes you have the possibility to convince yourself of the product quality by module samples.


From the beginning, WINAICO supports you on your way to your photovoltaic system. Just use our contact form and we do the rest for you. One of our specialist partners will contact you and make an appointment on site with you.


Generally you should adhere to the following points for the purchase decision:

  • Offers with wording like “modules XY or comparable”, “brand inverters matching the modules” are unreliable
  • Take a look at the manufacturing quality and ask for samples and reference systems in your region
  • Ask for yield data of existing systems
  • Do not buy a system on the basis of descriptions or pictures
  • Require a calculation of profitability
  • Inform yourself about the origin of the components:
    • Has the manufacturer an office in your country?
    • Has the manufacturer a warehouse?
    • Is the manufacturer within reach in case of complaints?
    • Is there a German court of jurisdiction?
  • Inform yourself about the experiences with PV systems installed by the installing company



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