Two factors are key to the profits gained from photovoltaic systems: firstly the photovoltaic modules must permit as high a specific energy yield as possible and secondly they must work reliably for long periods.

With photovoltaic modules from WINAICO you make the right choice! Convince yourself and click through our good reasons.


Maximum performance


When buying a photovoltaic system, you shouldn´t only consider the purchase price. What is crucial, is how long a system works and how it performes – and which yield it achieves during its total duration of life. WINAICO modules come from a manufacturer which is a specialist in premium quality solar modules. Our modules feature high-efficiency cells to guarantee high energy yields. Sorting by weak light and temperature performance ensures stable performance even in diffuse light.


Tested quality


Every single aspect of WINAICO photovoltaic modules is designed for high performance in the long term. Stringent quality management from the incoming goods check and complete production chain to a one hundred-percent visual, micro-optical, mechanical and electrical outgoing check ensures the premium quality of every single WINAICO photovoltaic module. As a manufacturer, we also ensure that WINAICO modules do what we promise they will. A 12-year product guarantee and an above-average, linear performance guarantee, lasting 25 years, provide you with peace of mind.


Excellent design


Fitting WINAICO modules on your roof shows that you care about quality, aesthetics, economy and ecology. Strict quality management and the careful selection of components enable WINAICO to ensure homogeneous modules. Thanks to the unique WINAICO frame design, WINAICO modules display very accurate dimensions and can therefore be fitted in an consistent and attractive fashion.  


Maximum investment protection


If you opt for the maximum performance quality of WINAICO you will enjoy more output, more yield and more profit for at least the next 25 years. To protect your system from damage to property, losses resulting from interruptions to operation and potential reduced yield, we offer comprehensive insurance protection for your entire photovoltaic system when you purchase WINAICO modules. Whatever happens, with WINAICO your investment is secure.


Long-term efficiency


Photovoltaic modules are subjected to severe environmental conditions over the course of their 25 years or more of operation. Come hail, snow or heat, photovoltaic modules need to permanently deliver peak performance in order to achieve good profits. The use of high-quality components is key to this. At WINAICO we only ever use first-class, weatherproof components from market leaders who are the best of the best. This is your guarantee that your system will still be delivering high performance in 25 years time – and generating free, environmentally friendly electricity.


Expert partner


WINAICO works directly with specialist partners to guarantee you the best advice, planning and installation. We have worked with over 500 partners the world over to build thousands of systems which generate more than 5 gigawatt-hours of solar power a year – and ensure safe profits for their owners from an environmentally sound investment.


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