Produce and consume your own electricity with your PV system

The current discussions about falling feed-in tariffs unsettle many people who are interested in photovoltaics. This is needless, because photovoltaics is still profitable.


Additionally to the known option of feeding the complete solar power into the public grid, the personal consumption of your solar power became a profitable alternative. Falling system prices and electricity price increases render the personal consumption interesting.  As soon as solar power has the same or even lower price than conventional power, it makes sense for all system operators to consume a maximal part of the produced current on their own.


A household with 4 persons and a 5 kWp PV system on the roof, has a personal consumption of about 20 to 40 percent per year – depending on the user behaviour. It is recommendable to adapt your user behaviour to the times when the sun is shining a lot – this is mainly between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.


To increase your personal consumption to up to 80 %, storage systems are the ideal solution. A solar battery stores the produced solar power, so that you can use it day and night. This means that the solar power is at your disposal for personal consumption and can be used also when the sun is not shining.


Especially smaller photovoltaic systems are suited for storage systems. Your personal consumption increases,  you save a lot of money and you become self-sustaining from the public grid.


Existing photovoltaic systems can be equipped with storage systems, too.


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