The origin of our technology

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Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2003. Its core business consists of supplying vertically integrated photovoltaic total solutions. 


With its long history in the semiconductor industry, Win Win is convinced of the potential of solar technology as an important and profitable source of energy in the future. It is certain that, just as in the semiconductor industry, possibilities exist for further cost reductions and economies of scale; these will insure that solar electricity is able to compete with conventional energy sources in terms of cost in the foreseeable future. The team in Taiwan is fervently at work designing, producing and delivering cost-effective products meeting the highest quality standards. In the process, we are championing the wider recognition by business that solar systems are a viable energy solution.


In 2007, Win Win Precision Technology was restructured into two business branches: semiconductor and solar. The solar branch was set up so as to respond to the recent upswing in photovoltaic sales. What drives us is achieving the highest quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness. As a family-run enterprise, Win Win feels itself committed to sustainable management based on its market-oriented business model. All business models are based on multi-year strategic partnerships with our customers. In order to express the uniqueness of our commitment to the highest quality and the striving toward perfection, a new brand name, “WINAICO” was created and from early on, tied to these corporate values.


The international headquarters of Win Win Precision Technology is located in Taiwan. Our subsidiaries and branch offices stretch from Asia to Europe. Businesses in the Netherlands and Germany serve Europe. Branches in Italy and soon, France will expedite direct marketing, sales, system installation and efficient after-sales service throughout Europe. To handle further expansion, some additional companies are in the planning stage.