WINAICO photovoltaic modules: automated quality control.
Automated quality control.

When you buy from WINAICO, you are buying products from a manufacturer specialising in premium-quality solar panels. We work passionately to design and deliver the most cost-effective products meeting the highest standards of quality. Our own research and development departments are repeatedly extending the limits of what is possible because only then will we be living up to our claim of successfully meeting the demands of international markets with new and perfectly engineered products.

The premium quality of our products is assured by the strictest quality management from incoming inspection of products through the entire value chain to a 100% visual, micro-optical, mechanical and electrical final inspection. 


WINAICO manufactures its high performance panels on an ultramodern and fully automatic production line. Our execution and integration of systems technology is supported by our comprehensive experience and knowledge which in turn permit careful process control and optimisation. As a result, outstanding quality, minimal downtime and reliable reproducibility are assured. Besides the integrated overall layout of its systems technology, WINAICO has, when it comes to choosing systems technology vendors, placed its faith on machines from the quality leaders in both Europe and Japan.


Our experience in the semiconductor industry has shown us that ultramodern production technology plays a key role and is a precondition for achieving quality leadership. All steps in the production process are digitally controlled and make for high transparency. In deciding on the degree of automatisation, the goal was to minimise manual operations in order to exclude the possibility of human error.

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